Sunday, May 31, 2009

When Eaglets Leave the Nest

This weekend at our garage sale I sold my son's old Little Boy bike. He outgrew that bike years ago, and it sat in the garage, collecting dust. It was time for a new Little Boy to get some enjoyment out of the bike. But it made me feel strangely sad to see it go. I didn't even know I felt attached to it, but it made me feel nostalgic about the old days when I got to be a mommy every day.

Today my Grown Up Son came over to collect a boxspring... over recent years my two kids have gradually removed beds from our house: a mattress here, a box spring there. Our "guest room" now has no bed in it, and the kids' bedrooms are left with a twin bed each (and strangely, no frames).

I remember back in the old days when Hubby and I were taking parenting classes, we were told that our job was to help our children learn and grow and become functioning adults who would some day leave us. The thought tore at my heart strings back then. Now that it has happened (and is still happening, via boxspring removal), it is bittersweet. I guess we did our jobs well! Both kids have flown the coop! Now they sometimes come back to retrieve "stuff," but they don't come back to stay. None of us would want that, but isn't it a little sad, too? Life goes on, and it's both beautiful and sad.


Melissa Kaye said...

I think it's bittersweet for the kids too. I remember leaving my parents' house to start my life with Jake and being sad about that stage of my life ending, even though I was ECSTATIC to start my life with Jake.

Sharon said...

Very well said! I still miss being a Mom every day. I'm glad my children are in their own homes and doing well, but I do miss "the old days" as well. On the other hand, it's nice to have the house to ourselves!

BrendaLou said...

The girls all moved out and took (most of) their things. I'm now in the process of putting together two "guest rooms." One for kids (Sydney stays over often) and one with a full bed and used to be my sewing room. When I retire (so to speak) from the quilt shop I intend to turn my living room into a sewing studio/computer room. Enjoy this time...I've come to love my children as adults...sometimes they even pay for my lunch!

Unknown said...

Even tho you know it is going to sort of blindsides you!

I remember never "really" taking everything from my mom's house! I bet if I look hard enough there is still "things" there!

Be excited... they are never too far away!

Dolores said...

Two of mine are far away across the country but there is the phone and email.
I am happy though, when my dishwasher has to be put on once a day. That happens at Christmas when they all visit. Reminds me times gone by.

Jill said...

Just wait until they figure out your house is still good for storage :)

I lived at home after college while I was in grad school. It was a wonderful gift my parents gave to me, and looking back on it, I enjoyed extra time with them. But it was also really stressful.

Now my sister sleeps in my old room when she visits. I left my twin and traded up for a queen, now that in my OWN place I have a bigger bedroom!