Thursday, May 21, 2009

Toys, Drops, Flowers

written by guest author, Jellie Phish

Hello! My name is Jellie. I'm a fish! My creator thought I was going to be a person. Ha! Can you believe that? You know what's even crazier? I started life as a sock!! I like being a fish way better.

Today I got dropped at a pretty swingin' place... Fat Lorenzo's in Minneapolis! There I am, tied to the rope post, waiting for some child to find me. I'm right at a kid's eye level, so I think it's just a matter of time.

But.. my creator is not so sure. She sat there eating pizza, and hoping to witness my discovery. No such luck. A few people looked at the bag I'm in, but only half-consciously, with glass eyes while they were thinking about the pizza they were about to eat. No one really sat up and took notice... at least while my creator was around. Life is a mystery, so this is one more mystery whose resolution my creator may never know. I think she's OK with that, though. I can hardly wait to meet whoever gets to play with me forever!

My creator's husband really liked that pizza! Here he is, choosing which piece is the biggest for his next round.

My creator and Charles are really enjoying the irises in their yard. This morning they still had some rain on them.

And oh, by the way, that rain really cooled things off. After yesterday's temps in the 90s, my creator was so happy with today's cool-down. It was a perfect evening for sitting outside to eat pizza, and I thought it was rather lovely to wait on that post for my Discovery by Child. Everyone in Minneapolis was out tonight: bike riding, walking, driving, motorcycling, and even going places in airplanes. My creator and her hubby saw it all while sitting at Fat Lorenzo's. Nice place to watch the world go by!! (While stuffing one's face with delicious pizza.)
Well, it has been fun authoring GiraffeDream's blog. I think Carol might insist on getting the authorship back to herself tomorrow. TTFN!

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Darcie said...

Well Jellie Phish did a phine job of writing your blogpost, Carol! He is adorable. I have been having a blast hearing about your other Discovery friends as well.

LOVE the iris pictures too. Notecard material, definitely!!!

Happy weekend!