Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Play Days

I had a great weekend, with lots of happy things going on (graduation! Yay!) - and gorgeous weather - and I spent lots of my free time sewing fun stuff. Like these pillows? Fun!? Yep.

And, of course, I made another couple of toys. On various toys I have used all the parts of one sock. This one has the last piece - the heel - as the monster's nose. It was fun to invent a toy around a nose!

This is the back of the Nose Guy. He is leaning on his nose!

Back to work tomorrow, but it's survivable - I have only 11 work days left!


hetty said...

Looks like you made good use of your long weekend. I love the pillows and the new toy is very cute! The eyes are great and I love his sock nose@

Vivian said...

Another adorable toy, as always. I read through some of the "Toy Society" information. The photos of the toys and locations where they're dropped, plus the stories with them are totally heart warming. What a great project.

Booper said...

I absolutely love both pillows! soso cute! :)

Sharon said...

Your pillows look very comfy! Good job and great idea.

I love your nose monster! Maybe you could call him "Nostrilomous"!