Monday, May 18, 2009

My Sister Self Loves Me

Inside of me is my Sister Self. She loves me, and supports me, even when I goof up. Like today, I was feeling sorry for myself, so I came home and ate potato chips and chocolate. Sister Self is sad that I once again fell prey to my emotional eating. But she is just waiting to blossom like a flower. She is very patient. She has no power to make me change my ways, but she will be there to help me/us blossom if and when I can create better habits.

I got this "Sister Self" idea from a book... right now I can't remember the name of the book. I only read a few pages and loved this Sister Self concept. One of these days, I'll run across the book again and will read more of it. The book, like my Sister Self, is patient.

Once I went to a counselor to help me through a rough patch. She suggested that I have an "inner brat" who works against me. The problem is that it only hurts me. Like today, regarding my emotional eating, she would say that was my inner brat. I totally agreed with her at the time, and I bought the book she mentioned, Taming Your Inner Brat. But when I came across the Sister Self idea, I fell in love with my Sister Self. It's a much more helpful image to me -- more so than the idea that I am stuck with this inner brat who hurts me.

No... inside of me is a flower. She is sweet and beautiful and loves me unconditionally. As soon as (or if) I can let her out, she/I will blossom. Isn't that a much better image than having a "brat" stuck inside? I think so. Today my Sister Self is comforting me from the inside out.
I'm thankful for:
1) my husband
2) insights
3) spring
4) the joy I get in sewing/creating
5) my mom (I'm just thinking of her today. Haven't seen her in too long.)


Mary Johnson said...

Absolutely a much more helpful image -- after all we're much better at beating ourselves up for our failings rather than being kind and supportive. I understand the inner brat concept but how much nicer to focus on the positive.

Unknown said...

Sister Self does sound better and a better fit...BUT...Inner Brat will always make me giggle! I hope your day is getting better...As I was reading this I had just come home and was stuffing my mouth with chips! ugh

AnnieO said...

Maybe Sister Self is sitting on Inner Brat...squash the negative and push up the positive! lol

08armydoc said...

I have a Good Girl and a Bad Girl - they fight frequently.... At any given time, there's no way to choose who will win!

Andrea, the little collector said...

Oh I definitely like the Sister Self better. Focusing on her, imagining her, believing in her...much more effective in taking good care of yourself, yeah? Thank goodness for that book! :)

Michele Bilyeu said...

Fabulous concept. Our own version of a forgiving spiritual guide. For all of those who were not blessed with a human sister, how delightful to remember we have a true Sister Self...someone who symbolizes our True Nature...accepting, forgiving, and understanding.

Wonderful, really. I need to call on my Sister Self...just as we all do. Let's face it, potato chips often seem like our false sista selves and that sista comes out at all the wrong times and leaves her unforgiving mark on our tummys and thighs. Dang you Lays, Ruffles and Kettle Chips. You've all left your ruffles and ridges everywhere and the salt and peppa aren't helping either!!!!!

Let's grab our real Sisters for a hug and a helping hand and remember that dang it...we're worth more than a greasy stain on our favorite quilting shirt!

P.S. Your Sister Self is quite lovely! Just as you are, Carol!!!!

Trish said...

Thank you for that insight. I too, am an emotional greatest struggle in life....I think I will find my Sister Self and see if she can help me. (I see my name shows up as David-my husband...I am Trish)

Elaine Adair said...

What a great post, and an interesting concept. I always knew my emotional hunger was NOT MY FAULT!

I'm going to think about this more. Thanks

Melissa Kaye said...

Love this concept! It's great when our Sister Self blossoms and it shows through ourselves!

Jessi said...

I like this idea also. I have read a different book with a different twist again. Jenni Schaefer's " Life Without Ed". Ed being her eating disorder... it goes through many characters within including the "should monster" who tells me repeatedly that i should do something, when "I" am saying not to.. etc etc My other me, however is ed and he is my eating disorder, not me!

Sister self, would love to find that book too!! :)

Take care of you :)