Sunday, May 10, 2009

Toy Drop on Mother's Day

I had a nice Mother's Day. Went to church, and afterwards did some sewing. I'm trying to play on my new toy (Sewmor) but am having trouble getting the tension just right. It's OK, though. However, I must say... I really do love my Pfaff. When I play on antique sewing machines, I see why people continued to make improvements and to upgrade the machines. I'm lucky and happy to have my nice Pfaff. I'll keep working on Alice (the name I gave my new Sewmor) and hope she and I can make a quilt together.

Charles took Steven and me out for ice cream cones. That was nice.. then after we came home, Marjorie and Greg came over for a short visit. Marjorie brought me some salad from where she works. Yum! That was nice, too. I got to see Greg's new Harley. I'm not a motorcycle person so don't even know what I'm looking at. Whatever. It's "pretty." Don't know if Greg would approve of that as a description of his Harley.

Charles and I accomplished my first Toy Society "drop." We left Monster Man at a library in St. Paul.. I hope some mommy and child will find it when the library opens tomorrow. The good news is, Steven approved of Monster Man. He thought it was a cool toy. That's the seal of approval from someone closer to kid age than I am!

You can read about the Toy Society and how it works here.

Today I'm thankful for:
1) seeing both my kids today
2) pretty sunshine
3) the friendships that develop between people when they work together on mission teams
4) my son's interest in peace and non-violence
5) so many happy events to look forward to this spring and summer!


Unknown said...

sounds like a nice day! CYE in a while!

Lisa said...

Sweet ride! Now if I could just talk G into a Heritage I might actually ride again. At least my seat would be wider than 4 inches.

Megs said...

I love the toy drop idea - so fun! I'm glad you had a nice day - good times with the family!

Unknown said...

I love the Monster Man. What a great idea...imagine the people who find him and take him home and the reactions he will get!
I am smiling here!
We are never disappointed in the love of our children are we....

Booper said...

love the Monster Man! I never heard of Toy Society and will have to check that out myself. :)

Julie Sharer said...

what a fun and thoughtful thing to like YOU!!! Happy Mom's Day, a day late!

AnnieO said...

Monster Man's googly eyes are irresistable! I would certainly pick it up if I saw it. Glad your mother's day was good.

hetty said...

Love the Monster Man and the toy drop! Great idea!