Saturday, May 02, 2009

Thanks for Nothing!

I have more to chat about, so I'm back for the 2nd time in one day!

I noticed a few blogs are showing pictures of their pin cushions, so I decided to gather up mine to show. I should have more, but sometimes I get rid of things when I feel guilty that I have too much, so I give things away. I'm sad that I gave away a nice one that a friend made for me. And I used to have a cute little one that a girl at church made. Both of those are gone (and I hope being loved elsewhere).

So I have the ubiquitous tomato, and the green one with a scrap bag attached. I love that one and use it always. My brighter green one sits next to my cutting mat. The Red Hat Ladies pin cushion kind of floats around and gets used randomly. And the little finger pin cushion, made from a pop bottle cap, lives in my cigar-box-sewing-notions box. The standing up "book" thing is my needle holder.

The two little thimbles are both from Scotland! My son's former girlfriend gave me my first one, and a quilter friend gave me the second. Wow! But just wait, there is even more excitement going on around here! Read on.

This morning Charles and I had an errand to run, and we decided to walk. I feel virtuous for having had some good outdoors time. On the way I managed to lose my glasses, so Chas. went back outside to look for them, and found them! Hooray! Some bicycle riders had kindly avoided driving over them.

While walking back home, Charles picked up pieces of wonky metal and a big, fat nail. He always does this when he walks along streets. It's his little random act of kindness he does for the driving population. Anyone driving in our area can tell Charles "Thanks for nothing!" meaning thanks for helping me NOT get a flat tire due to an errant nail.

It's beautiful outside, but I'm inside doing house stuff. I agreed to do a garage sale with a friend, so I spent a bunch of time today going through stuff and pricing things and sorting and throwing things out. Part of the time I managed to sit by the open window, so I had the pleasure of the outdoors wafting in on me. Garage sales are a lot of work. The last time I did one (about ten+ years ago) I vowed I would never do it again. I guess junk accumulates enough to warrant another one every ten years or so.

I've mentioned before how spoiled I am because we get to order groceries from a home-delivery service. I just LOVE it, and it has saved my sanity (and hubby's) multiple times. Today the delivery service brought me (us) a May basket! This pretty flower! Isn't that great? I'm doubly spoiled.

The block that I thought looked too swastika-like has been transformed. I took it apart and made it into this. I'm happier with it now.

And just for kicks, here is the back of that quilt I finished the other day. I washed it and like how crinkly it looks.

Tomorrow will be a super busy day!!!!!! Don't know if I'll have time or energy to report in. I'm sure there is not a large crowd out there just holding their breath until I post on my blog.. but just in case, I thought I'd warn you that tomorrow you'll be waiting a long time. HAHAHA.

Today I'm thankful for:

1) a nice walk with Charles

2) beautiful spring weather!

3) getting rid of stuff and junk

4) my blog readers

5) pizza!


Vivian said...

Your redone block is great. Very creative.
Not every blog writer can use the word ubiquitous so easily in the flow of a story. From a former English teacher--bravo. I like your style.
Tell Charles he's a good man. I read a comment once that the world would be a better place if we all did a good deed daily, but kept it a secret. It's good for the soul.

Unknown said...

Thanks ummmm P I mean Charles! lol I do appreciate it! I am glad the glasses were found...he takes good care of you! See ya soon!

Megs said...

Good luck tomorrow! I'll be thinking of and praying for you guys! You'll do great! :)

Mary Johnson said...

I used home delivery for groceries the first winter we lived in the Apartment and I liked it too. Between just being a mile and a half from the grocery store now and Keith being such a good sport about doing the shopping I haven't used delivery since we moved to the townhouse.