Friday, September 05, 2008

Sobering Sight

On my way home from work tonight I came upon this accident. It seemed to be very recent, although I had not heard or seen it happen. The police had just arrived and started directing traffic, and the ambulance was arriving from the other direction. This blurry photo shows an SUV turned on its side, and I believe there was someone inside with injuries. It was a sobering sight. Believe it or not, as I drove away, I had an impatient driver right on my tail, eager to get wherever she was going and giving me no breathing room. Hadn't the accident been a sobering sight for her?? I was glad when I got to turn off, and she zoomed away in her little hurry-up world.

I received these red/white blocks from Tracey B. Thanks, Tracey! This challenge will end in just a few days. Are you eager to see who is going to win the little prize??

No workout today except for some moving around of a ton of books at work.

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