Thursday, September 18, 2008

Please, No!!

I loooove this picture! It was taken at a rally in Alaska, where they know. I borrowed it from here:
(thanks, Happy)

Did you know? -- Palin has done everything she can to deny Alaska native peoples of their subsistence hunting and fishing rights that are guaranteed by federal law. She is still pursuing challenges of the subsistence laws in court. Why? So rich, white people can enjoy sport hunting and fishing. Please notice the difference: subsistence (staying alive) vs. sport (going out for a good time). Arrgghh!

Think about this: our reputation in the world has gone to the toilet. Who can help fix this? Obama who is intelligent, caring, friendly, and understands the issues? Or McCain who is a Bush-carbon-copy and his buddy Palin who has ZERO know-how in foreign relations? They both strike me as people who want to turn the clock back to 1940. I'm sorry, but those times were not good for anyone other than rich, white men. Let's fix our future, not long for our past.

PLEASE vote on Nov. 4, and put on your thinking cap before you do so.


Anonymous said...

Carol, I'm writing from Wasilla, Alaska, hometown of Sarah Palin. I don't know where you've gotten your information, but double check it please!!! Remember, she has over an 80% approval rating as Governor. Can you say the same for your Governor?

Carol E. said...

I'm sorry, Linda, we are just going to have to disagree. I got my information from a trusted source, and I have case names and numbers from AK Supreme Court, etc. MN Governor Pawlenty was on McCain's short list and has a high approval rating here, too. That does not mean that everyone agrees with him. I don't, and I wouldn't have wanted him for VP, either, although to be honest, I would rather have him than Palin. Anyway, I love you as a quilter and your work and generosity are beautiful. We just disagree in the political arena. That's democracy for ya! :-)

Shirley said...

Hi Carol, in the Netherlands most votes would go to Obama if we could, and with the stuff that's going on right now in the financial world McCain is losing his voters very quickly. Keep our fingers crossed.

Shirley ,>

Anonymous said...

I never post comments although I read your blog faithfully. I agree with you. Don't know much about Palin, but I do know with the problems we are having in this country, we need someone who is more knowledgable. A good partnership is people who complement each other--strong in areas where one is weak and vice versa. I don't see this in the McCain/Palin team. Besides with all that has gone on for the last 8 years, I think we need to try someone else---it certainly can't get any worse!