Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fall Colors

Since it is nearing fall, I decided that the prize I give away for participating in my red/white challenge will be fall colors.

So here's a nifty FQ and a couple of fallish embellishments. Then, do you know what the thing on the left is? It may be something you used to use and now no longer do. Or maybe you still do and it is very familiar to you. I got the idea of making these at this blog:

They are checkbook covers! So fun to make, now that it is the 21st century and I hardly ever use my checks. Darn. I am going to make some anyway, and hope they sell at my church bazaar. Surely there are still people who carry around checkbooks. Do you??


Donna said...

I do keep a couple of chques in my wallet-- but no cheque book.... you could make a credit card cover so my card stayed out of my sight maybe :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't carry my checkbook in my purse because my husband and I always keep the checkbook at home. I know several people who do carry their checkbooks, however. Maybe it is still a moderately common practice?

Your prize giveaways are gorgeous. Looking forward to reading your lucky winner announcement. I just put four more sets of blocks in the mail on Friday.


Andrea said...

Oooh!! Now I really hope my blocks get there in time for the drawing! This is so fun! Unfortunately, don't carry my check book around to show off a lovely cover like this, but still have one. Pretty stuff!

Amanda Jean said...

cute checkbook cover. I still carry one. (although I currently can not find my checks...)