Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Famous Brother

If you read me now and then, you know that I went to Rosebud Reservation in August. I had a profound experience, and so did my fellow travelers. Beth, for example, wants to keep helping Rosebud as she can. She is asking for donations of underwear! (for Rosebud, not for herself! haha) In exchange, she will draw the name of a winner to receive a signed copy of her brother's new book, "Leper." Her brother is Steve Thayer! Have you read any of his books? I have not. But I hear that his readers are big fans. His stories are set in lovely St. Paul, Minnesota!

Please consider donating some undies to Beth! It would mean a lot to me, too, if you would help us help Rosebud. Click here to get started on your undies donation.

Today Beth talked about where she was on 9/11/01, so I will, too. I was driving to a community college. I can tell you exactly where I was on the road when I heard on the radio that a plane had hit the World Trade Center tower. I pictured a little prop engine plane going *boink* and falling to the sidewalk. Maybe a few people dead or injured. Sad.

I got to where I was going, and the teacher I was working with kept coming out of his office with more reports. He was listening to the radio, and I swear I thought he had grossly misunderstood something. I couldn't wait to go listen for myself so I could figure out the *real* story. It was just too much to comprehend.

By the end of the day when I knew the awful story was true, I felt so sad, I was close to throwing up.

Here is something I like to do on 9/11's since then -- I leave a book in a random spot with a little message that it's for whoever finds it. I tell whoever it is that it's my simple way of honoring each other and the unity we felt at that time. Today I left a book on top of the newspaper stand near the post office. Oh... speaking of books, go back and read my first paragraph about how to win Steve Thayer's newest book!! And then go buy a pair of undies.

Today I rode my bicycle 3 miles; as soon as I got back into the house, it started pouring rain

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Unknown said...

You are so sweet! Thanks... I changed the date of my blog so it is on top! Also...I need to find out how to post the pics like you do...I can't seem to get them to post... I will work on it this weekend.. Again thanks!