Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A Completed Challenge!

This red/white challenge has been VERY successful. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed blocks! I have a pile of 46 beautiful blocks that I will send to Clare very soon. And I have a nice pile here for me to make at least another couple of tops. What a great success!! Lots of kids will enjoy the cuddles that we all created together.

The above picture is the final blocks that arrived yesterday and today (from Barb, Susan, and Heather). At least I am not aware of any more that are en route. So... I have drawn the name of a lucky winner!

The winner will get the fall colors gifts that I posted on Sept 6... a FQ, two embellishment doo-dads, and a checkbook cover made by moi. I happen to know that the winner no longer carries a checkbook, but that's OK. She can re-gift the checkbook cover if she wants.

Have you guessed? Heather? Do you know I am talking about you??? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the winner is Heather S. of Kansas!!!! Thank you for playing and thanks again to everyone. You are ALL winners for helping the kids so generously.

Here's my 'get fit' report that impresses even me: today I walked 1.5 miles, and I walked up 4 flights of stairs instead of using the elevator, AND, drum roll please, I registered for a water-aerobics class through community ed. Other people are going to see me in a swim suit! Eeeek!


Anonymous said...

Carol, I am wearing a great big smile on my face! What an honor to have won the drawing. I have so enjoyed looking at the blocks that others have made for your challenge and have been absolutely inspired by their fabric choices and the patterns they made. I will put that beautiful checkbook cover on the checkbook we keep at home. It will make paying bills more appealing! Thank you. I just checked, the smile is still there.


Amanda Jean said...

so what are you using all the blocks for? charity quilts I am assuming? I love the red and white squares.