Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Ben!

Guess where I got to go today... to visit Ben! He was born on Aug 31. His mommy is my co-worker. Ben came five weeks early, so he is still tiny. I'm happy to report that he is doing just fine. He weighs about 6 lbs now.

He was so nice to let me cuddle him today. He just sleeps, mostly, but I did manage to catch a bit of open eye peeking at me for a minute. What a doll!

By the way, that little quilt is a preemie quilt given to Ben by the hospital. It was made by a group of quilters from Baldwin, Wisconsin. I think the hat was a donated gift as well.


Joyce said...

He is definitely a cutie.

Darcie said...

How precious!!! I hope and pray that everything is going well in Ben's world.

Andrea said...

Oh he's beautiful!

Unknown said...

What a sweet little boy!