Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dorothy's Fabric

Dorothy has gifted me again. Dorothy was the mother-in-law of a woman at my church. Dorothy passed away a couple years ago, and right away I was given huge piles of fabric that they found in her house. Some of it I shared with Sunshine folks, and we all made some decent kid quilts out of the assorted fabrics I was given.

Now they found a ton more fabrics and some in-progress quilts in her attic. I got to see one of the quilts that was almost done. It was very nice; I would have been proud to inherit that one. But, not knowing Dorothy or anyone in her family at all, I was not a logical recipient of her quilts. I did, however, get a big box of fabrics today.

I sorted through and am going to give some of it to my guild to sell at our store during the quilt show in February. Look at these funky fabrics! Aren't they reminiscent of the 60's?! Peace and love, sister. I found a funny receipt among these fabrics. It is from 1965; wouldn't we love those prices today! One piece of cotton was 59 cents a yard. A piece of wool was $1.50 per yard.

This is the pile of fabrics I am keeping for my own and for give-away quilts. On the top of the pile is some denims that I will use for making tote bags. There is a lot of shirting fabric here, and I'm thinking I will find lots of use for this at Bonnie's site. Bonnie would probably drool over all the shirtings I got! I'm going to let all these fabrics simmer for a while. After I have time to ponder and plan, I'll start using them. Won't that be fun?? Thank you for the nice fabrics, Dorothy. We didn't know each other, but I am having fun looking at what you packed into your attic and finding your little notes and thinking about what you might have planned to do with all this fabric. I'm lucky I get to play with it now!

Oh, sad report: no workout on Friday or Saturday, and today it is Sunday at 4:30 p.m. and I still have not had a Sunday workout. There is still time, however. Do you think I will still get in a work-out today?.

Later: I did it! I walked 2 miles. I'm glad I did (my commenting visitors were right.) And.. I want to add this link. It is where I found that sock-doll pattern that I made the other day.


Unknown said...

yes...go do will be so happy that you did!

dot said...

Love that vintage fabric. You best do your exercise.

Maureen and P.D. the Pet Dog said...

Hi Carol, Have enjoyed your blog. Good for you on all the walking you are doing. Wow! Love the "vintage" fabrics you inherited, lucky you! I cleaned out a friend's aunt's sewing room a couple of years ago so am constantly talking to "Aunt Evie" and thanking her too for all the wonderful things I've inherited. Aren't we lucky to be quilters.

Andrea said...

Maybe I need to make a donation to your guild in exchange for those lovely fabrics on top! Wowsers!!! They are great!

Jan Mac said...

I love these donations of fabric frand UFOS from other quilters. I'm sure you'll be able to put it to good use for Sunshine too.
Hugs JJ (Aussie)

Wendy said...

Awesome job on your 2 mile walk...way to go!! :) Wendy