Thursday, January 01, 2015

Looking Back to Christmas 2014

We had a bittersweet Christmas this year, with some sad and some happy moments. My favorite uncle died, and his memorial service was on the same day as the other side of our family had its Christmas party. It was a lovely service, and I felt uplifted. Then on to the Christmas party which we arrived to late, but better late than never, eh?

We played a fun family trivia game, masterfully created by my BIL, and filled up on good food and cookies.

Christmas Eve morning we went to my niece's house to visit briefly and meet, for the first time, our great-niece who came up from Florida. Photos show my nephew and his daughter, and then her cousins, two of my other great-niece,great-nephews (she loved the puzzle we gave her).

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That evening we enjoyed a lovely Christmas celebration at our DD and faux-SIL's new house (they moved in two weeks prior). We had to visit with Son via Skype as he is in Korea. We miss him! But thank goodness for Skype.

Christmas Day: a quiet day at home with husband and me. I made coffee cake for breakfast and served it on my mom's china, which we just received from her after her move into assisted living. It was nice to not have a hectic Christmas Day!

I was going to chat a little more, but I'm having trouble with the HTML code on this thing; weird stuff is happening, so I'll stop for now. Happy New Year!!!

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