Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Pictorial Guide of Recent Days

I'm back! I have been out of town and out of commission. Husband and I both have been sick (we're finally feeling better). My mother was back in the hospital, so I went to visit/help. She's doing better, also, with some lingering struggles. And then I attended a quilt retreat in a new-to-me location. Because I was still suffering from my lingering illness, I did not have the energy I usually have at retreats. Nevertheless I had fun and made some progress on a project.

Here is my photo guide of these recent activities:

On road to visit my mother, I captured these sunset shots.

Because I was sick, I was required to wear this mask while visiting my mom. (In my defense, I did delay my arrival there, in hopes that I was no longer contagious by the time I entered the hospital environment.) Notice that my 93-year-old mom looks better than I do! OTOH, please don't notice.

Then the quilt retreat:
This is my cousin who finished her lovely quilt top.

On the way home, some ice on a large lake:


Anonymous said...

What a great setting! Glad you are beginning to feel better.

Anonymous said...

Sunsets look beautiful. You do look under the weather in the photo. The church window is simple but stunning. And, this is just me, but look at the photo of the stacked wood and then the birch trees underneath. I love how the one birch tree lines up with the dried Plant in the photo above! Cool vertical line from one photo to the next!

Carol E. said...

I did notice that vertical line, too, GNG. Also, I must make one more disclaimer on my looks: that photo was on my cell phone, poorer quality to begin with, and I had to monkey with the lighting in order to show both mom and me. Therefore I look sicker than I really was. In person I was stunningly gorgeous. LOL

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you weren't as under the weather as it seemed. What I noticed is very likely explained by the lighting problem. I'll go with 'stunningly gorgeous' too, then! :-)