Friday, January 30, 2015

Friday Books: Certain Rivers

The Banks of Certain Rivers by Jon Harrison was this week's book. This was chosen by my online book group for our January read. It was engaging and I enjoyed reading it, but it was not a piece of profound literature that blew my socks off. It would make a good beach read while on a vacation when you don't want anything too deep.

A nice man and his family experience a tragedy. He attempts to heal from the trauma and continue to raise his son in a healthy way. He encounters other challenges and problems ranging from a small one that he exaggerates in his mind until it become a true problem, to a potentially life altering serious problem which comes upon him in a surprising way... it is interesting to see how he deals with these challenges, and the reader is carried along, hoping he survives them all.

I gave it 3 stars for being easy to like but not great.

(substitute "quilt" for the coffee, and I'm a happy woman)

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