Saturday, December 27, 2014

Emerging From Under the Scraps Pile

I'm still going through boxes and bags of scraps that were donated. I didn't realize these would never end. I keep thinking I've made progress, and then I find more to sort through. However, I think I'm finally making progress.

I have finished making NINE pet beds using scraps! (Scraps go inside, as stuffing.) That is a LOT of scraps. The person who donated these scraps said she still has lots more at home to bring to me. Eeek! (It's kind of a blessing and a curse all in one.)

This is the nine pet beds, and I was very happy that I moved them around to re-order them and photograph them, because behind them I found hiding my smaller, newer camera!!! I was sooo happy! I knew it was in the house somewhere, but had no idea where. Voila! It has been found.

This is what is currently on my design wall #1:
The brownish strips will eventually be a quilt top (the strips will be horizontal); it is also made from donated scraps. And the hearts are also donated; this will be a doll blanket.

This is currently on my design wall #2:

blocks made by members of my guild. I am working on getting this sewn together and hopefully will get it quilted in the next couple of days. I'm looking forward to working with our next block, for 2015, which is a 9.5" nine-patch. I'm tired of this slanty one. It's a cool block, but I'm ready for a change.

We had a quiet Christmas, which you know from my previous posts, but I do have a few photos to share with you in a future post. Watch for it! (Can you stand the excitement??)

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