Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Determined... and Making Progress

I am determined to get some of these UFO tops quilted and out of my house! I'm doing pretty well so far. I got these two done, and I have a third that is nearly done. These are charity quilts.

I also quilted this. I showed the top to you a while back.. maybe a month ago? It's supposed to be for my guild challenge, Inside Outside Upside-Down. I didn't like it as I had it. I decided to cut off the top row and take off the borders. I like it a little better this way. Then I got it all quilted and with a hanging sleeve on the back. I used the cut-off top row to make the hanging sleeve! (So clever, I thought.)

So it's done, but I'm just not that happy with it. I think I won't turn it in with the other challenge quilts. I'm trying too hard to be an artist, or something. And I don't feel like I truly am an artist. Disappointing.

I tried to watch the People's Choice Awards tonight, but I kept falling asleep.

I'm so sad about the attack and massacre in Paris. We live in a sad, broken world. Let's follow advice from Ellen DeGeneres: be kind to one another.


Anonymous said...

I love your finishes! My favorite is the patchwork. I've always been a sucker for simple patchwork and that one is beautiful.

I've had to step away from the news for my mental health. It's just too much. Our world, at times, seems like it's collapsing in on itself and I need to stick to the coziness and safety of home.

Anonymous said...

I think you should turn it in.
My IN guild had several challenges, and I always turned one in. The only time I won was the time there were only two turned in. There is something good about seeing how everyone interpreted it; don't deprive members of that.