Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sewing and Life

I haven't been in a bloggy mood lately. I was really hoping I'd have more progress to report. Alas, progress has been slow lately. I'll show you what I have, as it is.

First is a mini I made. It is 10" x 13". The little squares are only 2.5" raw.. finished to 2 inches. It was fun to make such tiny pieces go together. See the little pinwheel in the top left corner block? I made that at the retreat, and then lost it for a few days, but later it was found, so I was happy to put it into this quilt.

I made these two tops last weekend when I finally had extended time and motivation to sew. Sunshine's Lotto blocks call for fall colors this month, so I decided to make a whole top instead of a few blocks. The bigger top will go to Quilts Beyond Borders, and the smaller one will be for Wrap a Smile. Smaller one is still under production, as you can see.

The rest of these are just for fun. I liked the look of that building with the little door standing open. It reminds me of the hay mow I used to play in with my friends on their farm, when we were kids. The hay mow door was much bigger than this, of course. Then there were some leaves immortalized in this piece of sidewalk. I thought it was quite pretty.

And I had time to stop at my niece's house and visit with my great-niece and great-nephew. Little Guy let me hold him and even rock him to sleep. That was way fun!

I'm hoping for more sewing time this next weekend. I have so many tops that need to be finished! That chore is next on my list.


Anonymous said...

Was the first one for 15 Min of Play? Whether or not for the challenge, it is sure cute!

Carol E. said...

Yes, it was for 15 Min. Play. Thanks, Claire.