Monday, November 04, 2013

Blog 4 Peace Day!

Today is Blog Blast 4 Peace Day... I've been pondering this topic and not sure what I would write about. Peace is a seemingly simple thing, yet it's not at all. It's deep and complicated. It's not just the absence of war. I believe the Buddhists have come pretty close to an understanding of peace and how to achieve it. Being mindful, enjoying every moment, sharing your joys, and devoting one's life to this process. It's not just an inner achievement, but should also be shared and encouraged so that peace can spread and shape our world.

We're a long way from it these days. What's weighing heavily on my heart currently is the killing of innocent children, grandmothers, families through the drone attacks carried out by my home land, the USofA. It breaks my heart. At first I wanted to believe that the government was being very careful in discerning who they targeted. The more I learn about it, the less trust I have in this program. I believe it should be halted completely. Too many innocent people are dying. This is not the path to peace.

In my quest for peace I am going to try to be mindful of my every move today, will try to be kind to people, will pray for peace and for the cessation of the drone attacks, and I will write to President Obama and to my congress reps to encourage them to stop the drones.

May peace prevail. See other blog blasts here.

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Anonymous said...

C: Good for you to write POTUS. While you request the end of the drones, I am going to ask Congress to give their per diem money to the folks whose food stamps they cut. Lots to do! GG