Wednesday, June 05, 2013

So Good at Wasting Time

I have managed to kill lots of time today. I'm excellent at it. This is because I should be cleaning, and I hate cleaning. (News flash.) I'll do almost anything else when cleaning comes to the top of the list.

I started sewing together a quilt top.

Then I interrupted myself and took some food donations from church over to the food shelf. Mailed a package. Returned a library book.

Made a sandwich for lunch. Sat and ate it. Contemplated the meaning of life.

Spent a long time at the computer, working on my quilt guild's newsletter (I'm the new editor).

Watched the last half of Dr. Phil.

Read today's mail, even though it was very boring and all junk. Those coupon mailings have never been so fascinating before!

I've had various important e-mails that I suddenly had to write and send. I also had to make a couple of phone calls. (You know I'm desperate when I willingly make phone calls, as I hate using the phone.)

Oh, of course had to check Facebook every once in a while. Someone might have done or said something important since I checked last.

Now I must admit that the house is not cleaning itself, so I guess I should go do something productive. Oh, woe is me. Do you feel sorry for me yet? There's that quilt top that I would so much rather finish putting together.....

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joe tulips said...

I feel sorry for you. I suffer from the same thing. I would have been watching the Bold and Beautiful instead of contemplating life.