Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday Books: Five Stars Each!

I just finished two great books.

(1) Farm Girls by Candace Simar and Angela F. Foster.. this is a small but profoundly beautiful book. Two adult sisters wrote poems and small vignettes of life growing up on a family farm. Their writing is sweet, loving, and touching. Great gift and/or coffee table book. Includes pictures. Five of five stars!

(2) Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger.. wow! This was excellent. I did not expect this caliber of writing from a mystery writer (it's my first book by this author.. and I think I just revealed my prejudice about mystery writers). Please see my review in my Goodreads shelf in my sidebar. Five of five stars!

I am so grateful that I love to read. I get to read fabulous books like the above and to ponder people, love, life, death, family, history, and to marvel at it all. Books rock!

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