Thursday, June 20, 2013

Live Vertically!

Today I got a surprise squishy in the mail... another word for my Word Quilt! Here it is:

It's from Rondi in KY. Thank you, Rondi!!! I don't know if Rondi has a blog. Do I know you, Rondi? (You realize I am 60, so I get to ask that question now without being ashamed.) I was pleased with this nice surprise in my mailbox. And I love that it is vertical. It'll be fun to fit it in and add some movement to all the horizontal words.

Speaking of my Word Quilt, I am quite sure I will not get it done in time to celebrate my 61st birthday, as was my original goal. But, I don't mind. I hope all my word providers don't mind, either. I promise I will get a quilt made using all those words, but not for this next birthday. This year, when my birthday rolls around in September, I will be doing something very exciting which I have not yet told anyone in blogland. Wait and see. It's very cool.

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