Sunday, June 09, 2013

Great to be Alive!

The weekend flew by. On Friday I actually got some cleaning done, AND I weeded in the garden. (Not done yet, but I got a good start on it.) Saturday was a gorgeous day, but I was stuck inside at an all-day workshop. However, I am glad I went; it was one of the best workshops I've ever been to! It was work-related, thought-provoking, and I earned CEUs, so all is hunky-dory.

The rest of the weekend it rained, of course. Today, Sunday, I slept in. Didn't wake up 'til almost 9:30 AM! That surprised me as I have not been sleeping that late in recent weeks. Too late to get ready for church, so I stayed home and sewed.

I got a binding on this quilt, which was quilted by Diane.

And I assembled, quilted and bound this one. I really like just plain squares in quilts. They're simple and interesting, I think.. kind of homey and comfortable without looking like a person would be afraid to use it.

Both of these will go to Quilts Beyond Borders and probably to their initiative for orphanages in Russia.

So the weekend has come to an end, and they say it is finally going to stop raining. It might even be summer around here pretty soon! I'm in a really good mood, and just feeling happy. Isn't it grand to be alive??

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AnnieO said...

A great weekend can really make one energized! Glad your class was interesting and your quilting fulfilling!