Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Quilts for the World

I made this quilt; it was quilted by another member of Sunshine. Here it is on a patient in Peru after having completed cleft lip/cleft palate surgery!

These two quilts are boxed up and will be mailed to Quilts Beyond Borders, then headed to an orphanage in Russia.

I used a cool setting of Tammy's and love how this one turned out. It'll end up .... somewhere in the world, cuddling a child.

a quilt of giraffes for a child somewhere in the world.

Isn't quilt-making fun and satisfying??! I say an enthusiastic "YES!"

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Anonymous said...

Always so fun to see what you have put together. And what a great thing to have a photo of the patient who received one of your quilts. I thought of you when I was in a quilt shop last week. The owner sold some yarn, too, but there was way more fabric. As soon as I walked in, her first question to me was "Are you a quilter or a knitter?" Your work flashed through my mind and I said "I am a knitter, but does it count if I love quilting fabrics?"