Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nine Highlights of 2009

1. 2009 began with such hope and happiness. We got a new president! Remember his inauguration day? What a joy-filled and hopeful time! I was thrilled that Obama became our president. I still am. I am happy I voted for him and would do it again. Don’t forget where we came from… what Obama inherited was a big, stinking mess. I now look forward with hope (Obama’s influence) instead of with dread and shame (the Bush era)!

2. In 2009 I changed the focus of my blog. I used to concentrate on my quilting, so most of my readers were quilters. This year I began to expand my discussions into the daily goings-on of my life… sometimes quilting, sometimes everything else. I started talking more about my faith and my thoughts. I lost some readers because of the change from a quilty focus. But I gained other readers. I’m happy with the way my blog has evolved. To be honest, I’m shocked that I have so many readers! And I love that! It feels like a huge compliment that people come here to read my humble little blog.

3. I got a new camera in ’09, and I totally love it. I’m still learning its little tricks and magical qualities. I love taking photographs!

4. My friend M’s baby, Emmy, almost died in early 2009! She was very seriously ill. Now she is lively, robust, and full of life. What a joy!

5. Hubby and I decided to start the process to adopt a teenager. Then we changed our minds and decided not to do it. I still feel a little sad that we are not doing this, but it feels right for us and the stage of life we are in. I will try to help in other ways… am still pondering what this might mean.

6. One of the all-time happiest days of my life occurred in July, 2009. Our son got married! We love our daughter-in-law, and the wedding was fabulously happy, loving, and fun. It spoke beautifully to their values and life dreams. It warms a mommy’s heart to see her child find great happiness in life.

7. Both our adult children found new jobs this year (son graduated from college, a joy in itself, and then found a job, which is nearly a full-fledged miracle). Both are doing well and are appreciated and valued by their bosses. This warms a mommy’s heart, too!

8. Quilting - continued happily with this hobby. I made some awesome, quilted paraments for the pulpit and altar at church. Big job, but worth the effort. With friends, made a quilt for a girl who lost everything in a fire. Won third place in a quilt contest held in New England! And made my usual commitment to quilts for kids all over the world.

9. Travel: Participated on another mission team week with my church. These trips are always a good opportunity for gaining insight into oneself, teamwork, learning compassion, doing some helpful work to benefit others, and learning about another culture and even a different geographical region. I have never regretted attending these mission weeks. Went to the lake cabin with B. I love that place! Hubby and I had fun in Philadelphia when my conference there was done.

On to 2010 and a new decade! May we all enjoy good health, happiness, and find ways to help one another and make this world a better place!


Carol said...

I found you from a quiting site but have come to love whatever you write....Happy Ne Year and thanks for sharing with all of us, blessings to you...CarolD in TN!

Paula, the quilter said...

I like the way your blog has evolved. I have mine also has switched focus just a wee bit. Happy new year to you and yours.

AnnieO said...

I've been reading your blog for a year and have enjoyed it immensely. It seems to me that the balance between quilting and "life" posts has been a good thing and can't imagine why any readers would leave! We are all different people on different paths and I like how you have expressed your journey of 2009. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

You are so insightful to have summed up some highlights from your past year. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Melissa Kaye said...

Thanks for posting about Emmy. Her recovery and return to normal life has definitely been a highlight! Now it's just the chaos of chasing after 3 kids!

Happy New Year! Thanks for being a good friend!

Michele Bilyeu said...

You had a wonderful, giving, loving life and heartfelt year. I agree with all of your activism and your hopes and dreams for this country. I lost friends. I refused to open photoshopped doctored emails and letters spreading untruths. And if I did open them, I told them they were fake ;)

We have to not only hold the faith but live it in all ways...and you do! Blessings in the New Year.