Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Enjoying my Break

When I get an extended break, I get to squeeze in several fun activities. First were all the Christmas parties. Next I decided to visit my mom.

Yesterday I drove up, in a leisurely fashion.. stopped for lunch, even took a little nap, and stopped at my favorite quilt shop and spent all of my Christmas money and then some. Got some beauties on sale for $2.50/yard!! Too fun.

I had a nice visit with my mom; we watched the Vikings lose, but at least it was an interesting game. They did lousy until Mom returned home from a meeting, and then things really picked up. Not quite enough for a win, but it was entertaining, at least.

Today I had a short visit with my great-nieces and great-nephew and was able to stay with them during the interim time when one parent was on the way somewhere and the other parent was en route back home. Believe it or not, we all sat and looked at a book about Obama and talked about history and politics! They are ages 3, 6, and 9! Precocious kids!

Here they are picking each other up: the (almost) 6 yr-old picking up the 9 year-old picking up the 3 yr-old. Cute enough for ya?? I had told my niece she would be mad at me because of what I gave her kids for Christmas... they each got a whistle!!... but she said she's so used to a noisy house, and the whistles actually have a pretty nice sound - not obnoxious. I'm glad. Here's a movie of them whistling (below).

We went out for lunch, did a tiny bit more shopping, and then I returned to my lovely home town just in time for book group meeting at which only two of us attended. We had a nice chat, though, even though we were perplexed as to where everyone was.

Now I'm home catching up on emails, facebook, snail mail, blogs, and chatting with Hubby. Tomorrow I hope to stay home most of the day and start playing with the gorgeous fabrics I bought!

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Twisted Quilts said...

Cute cute kids. It sounds like you have had a great holiday, lots of different activities.