Monday, December 14, 2009

A Different Kind of Reality

A church friend just shared this fabulous picture with me. He called it "Giraffe Reality." haha!! Don't you just feel like this sometimes?? (Hopefully, not very often.)

Here's something to check out: look over on my sidebar to the Margaret's Hope Chest picture. Click on there, and at her Sunday, Dec 13 post you will see a quilt made by yours truly. In response to their request, I sent it to Margaret's Hope Chest for a child somewhere in Michigan. It was just a top, and they finished it for me... serendipitously using a backing fabric that matched one I used on the front! Oh, while you're at Margaret's Hope, why not look at the photo gallery of the over 500 quilts that were sent in response to her request!! Don't ever tell me that quilters are not generous!

Here's another thing to check out: in my list of blogs (sidebar) I have a link to Toy Society. Next week there are going to be loads of new posts there as people all over the world will be doing special Christmas toy drops. I'm getting mine prepared tonight and can hardly wait! And I have a surprise one that is being done for me somewhere else. Come on back and read about my surprise one and about the other fun toy surprises all over the world starting next week!! (Drops will take place this coming weekend.)

I just saw a headline at Yahoo... didn't read the article, but it made me think of quilters, Toy Society, and friends sharing giraffe pictures. It said "generosity chain reaction." That's Christmas for ya!


Melissa Kaye said...

I love that picture! "Generosity chain reaction" what a great thing!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Love that photo!

I found my quilts in Margaret's Hope Chest's photo album! So glad they've received so many... it gets really cold in Grand Rapids!