Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas, So Far

It has been happy, quiet, a little noisy, and tomorrow will be raucous (well, maybe "noisier" is a more polite term). On Christmas Eve Charles and I had a nice, quiet day. He did a lot of snow shoveling... testing out his new toy (a new-fangled shovel), but my day was relatively quiet. I did a tad bit of lazy cleaning.

Later we went to candlelight service at church and then came home, ate dinner and opened gifts, just the two of us. Didn't take long as our new furniture is our main gift this year. Charles gave me just what I wanted and needed: a new ironing board cover! A quilter appreciates these sorts of gifts.

Christmas Day: we worked our buns off. It had started snowing the previous day and just kept coming and coming and coming. Charles had to shovel again, several times. Meanwhile I was making two kinds of soup, two kinds of bars, and we were both working on cleaning the house, and Charles made cinnamon rolls. By bedtime on Christmas Day night we were both exhausted and slept very well!!

Boxing Day: today. Our children and their SO's came for our little private Christmas. It was so great! I just love when they are all here; even my bones are happy. Autumn's BF, Harley, brought along his son, Sean, whom I had never yet met. You can see that he is a cutie, just like his dad. He even managed to eat a vegan cinnamon roll and survive the ordeal.

After gift opening we played Sean's new board game, Fact or Crap, and had a lot of laughs.

The whole, big extended family was scheduled to come today in the afternoon, but a large number of them are still snowed in. They live in the area that was blessed with the most snow in the whole state (from this recent storm)! So it is quite a job getting everyone plowed out. Hopefully they'll be able to emerge by tomorrow. With all the comings and goings and the party postponement, Christmas is extending itself over many days!

I love all these fun family gatherings, from quiet to raucous. All the laughter is good for my soul!

Our cat wishes you all a Merry Christmas, Post Christmas, and Happy New Year.


KQ Sue said...

Moewy Christmas to kitty.

Twisted Quilts said...

Your Christmas sounds so much like ours. My daughter and I spent Christmas day cooking and getting ready for the day after. We took lunch and ate with my mother Christmas Day. Everyone was with us the 26th. I love it when all of our family is together. We had 16 here yesterday and it was so much fun. We cooked a turkey Christmas Day and a standing rib roast yesterday. It was a lot of work but so worth it. Happy Holiday to you and your family.

Melissa Kaye said...

Merry Christmas Carol, family and kitty!

Nettie & Friends said...

Loved the snow. Slowed everything (and me) down. My family really gets a kick out of "Fact or Crap"... always a lot of yelling and arguing in a very good natured way! Enjoy these days.

Unknown said...

I love Christmas day! But the day after with the leftovers...sometimes seems so much better. Do you think it's the relaxing part of it all?
We watched movies on Boxing day and ate leftovers.
Happy New Year