Sunday, December 06, 2009

I Need Another Weekend

(watching the start of the Vikings game... the fun didn't last long)

Whew! The weekend is over. I'm almost glad. It was so overbooked with stuff to do, and I didn't finish everything. I hate feeling this swamped. Most of it was fun stuff, though. Today was maybe the best!

We went to the Hamline University A Capella Choir Christmas concert. Lovely, as always, even without the presence of my son and daughter-in-law. The only difference now is that I don't feel weepy when they start to sing, because I'm not bursting with emotion that I have a family member in that fabulous choir.

Afterwards we had dinner here with son and DIL, daughter and BF, and Charles' parents. In addition to eating and having fun together, we experimented with our new couch and how many people could sit on it comfortably.

Well, not a real experiment, but we noted that we had five people on it at one time, and a couple others in other chairs. We used to not have that many seats in the whole room. So we're happy.

But now I'm tired. Very tired. I would like to have a relaxing weekend to recover from the busy weekend. Can someone arrange that for me, please?

P.S. Check here for a nice Advent give-away from my church blog (run by our Outreach director).

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Jo said...

*heh* I need another weekend too.

The A Capella Choir Christmas sounds absolutely wonderul...! Glad you enjoyed it. :-)