Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Weekend Before Christmas...

Is it really Sunday night, and do I really have to go back to work tomorrow?? Usually I get two full weeks off at this time of year. So I’m in the “I’m on break” mode, even though this year’s calendar changed. I have to work Monday and Tuesday and then I get my (well-deserved) break.

It would be nice to just be home and begin the official Christmas preparations, but this year I’ll have to be like the average American and scramble up to the last minute.

Actually, we are surprisingly low key this year, and very unstressed about it all. I am enjoying that a lot. Charles has enough days off to use up by Dec 31 so that he and I will both be home the same number of days. That’s nice! We’re planning a quiet Christmas and then we’ll pretend we are Canadian and will celebrate Boxing Day. That’s the day all our relatives are coming over.

Let’s back up to Friday night, the beginning of my weekend. I went to an after-work party at the home of a now-retired co-worker. That was very nice. We stayed several hours, chatting and eating lots of good food…. a nice, relaxing way to start the weekend.

On Saturday I did a bunch of errands out and about. I did a Christmas toy drop for The Toy Society. These are happening all over the world this weekend. What fun! I placed my toy at a children's clinic to be found when they re-open on Monday.

At home I managed to do one Christmas-prep activity: I made a stocking for Daughter-in-Law.

I also started working on a scrappy pink quilt top. The cat helped me arrange the rows.

Charles ordered himself a new shovel, called a Snowovel. It came on Saturday, and he was so excited to try it out! He is hoping for a big snowfall so he can give it its first real test. So far he loves it and says it's easy on his back.

On Sunday at church we had a display of people’s nativity sets. That was great! What a wide variety of types!

The kids did their Christmas pageant. I loved watching this little angel who had so many things to think about, learn about, and explore. Naturally with all that to do, she couldn’t stand still for very long. Too cute!

Tonight I got an email from my pal and her daughter in Czech Republic. They did a Christmas toy drop for me in their country! I believe it is the first official toy drop in Czech Republic, ever. They had to translate the little note explaining the project, and they placed it at a nursery school, and sent me the pictures. I hope we find out who rescues the toy! Odds are we won’t, but it’ll be exciting if we do.

Charles and I have spent some time tonight planning menus for our various family gatherings. It’ll be fun and delicious, and most of it can be made ahead, which is a big plus.

On to another week and soon to Christmas. Happy Holidays, everyone!


Unknown said...

sounds like a great weekend! I have to work...thru Wednesday... makes me sad! oh well!

Melissa Kaye said...

Looks like a fun, great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love the Nativity set that looks like clothespins! Have a wonderful Christmas break.

Julie Sharer said...

Wow, what a great post today! I love Peter's new toy...if we ever got measurable snow, I think I'd buy one. I would like the info about it...guess I can Google it. Great gift for my Dad! Merry Christmas!

Jan Mac said...

I loved looking at all your ornaments and where they came from. I'm sure your gifted toy will bring some joy to a small child and I hope you and yours have a peaceful and festive Christmas.
Hugs Jan Mac, Aussie

Twisted Quilts said...

I guess like you we are celebrating Boxing Day, isn't that the 26th. Our family is gathering that day. I ask that they all plan one day during the Christmas holiday to be at home and so far they have. Enjoy your family.