Saturday, January 02, 2010

Vacation Sewing

I didn't get to do much sewing during the first half of my break, as I was busy getting the house ready and food made for Christmas. But once my holidays and my visits were over, I parked myself in front of the sewing machine and got several things done.

This year I am determined to do a lot more of my own quilting. The up side is that I will get to see my quilt tops reach the totally completed stage, and I LOVE that. They come alive when they turn into completed quilts. The down side is that I really don't overly enjoy machine quilting, so it'll be a chore that I need to convince myself to do.

Here are the sewing projects I completed during my break - they are my first officially done projects for 2010!

January Lotto blocks for Sunshine(Last time I got my car serviced they gave me that flower.)

I'm back to making toys!

This quilt top was result of a challenge to which a few online friends responded. We were challenged to make wonky blocks.. don't worry about rules, measuring, mistakes, etc.. and to use possibly odd combinations of fabric, and see what happens. This was mine. Not sure that I totally love it, but now that it's quilted it's much nicer. At least it's warm! Cat and I snuggled under it yesterday.

will send this one to Wrap Them in Love (about 40" x 50")

also for Wrap Them in Love (40" x 64")

This pic is just to show you a close-up of the monster fabric.


Anonymous said...

This is the part I really envy about sewing/quilting. It goes so much FASTER than knitting. It's fun to peak at your finished projects. Those who receive them are very lucky!

Rosalyn Manesse said...

I love those wacky toys! I made a shoo fly quilt, too

Michele Bilyeu said...

What fabulous quilts and quilt blocks and some of your best toys jumpstart the New Year. Love them!

Unknown said...

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diplofam said...

Hi Carol,
Thanks for the suggestion on Margaret's Hope Chest to add a measurement of the quilt we are giving away. I edited the post and added that information.
That quilt measures 48 by 48.

Unknown said...

I love those little toys. I'm not into the crafty side of sewing at all. for some reason, I become all thumbs, so don't do it.
But I do love looking at them!
I like the quilting part of quilting. The free motion part is what truly relaxes me about this craft. I just put on the music and stipple, times seems to fly.
but the best part is the hand finishing of a quilt, you know, the stroking of the fabric as it sits on your knee and you know you put love into it...Happy quilting!