Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday Summary

Had a great weekend. The weather was nice! It's so great to get out of the deep freeze. And everything I did this weekend was super fun.

Saturday: helped put up the quilt show (see yesterday's post). Went to concert of Twin Cities Women's Choir Saturday night. It took place in a gorgeous church building in downtown St. Paul. Fantastic music! Fabulous! Awesome! It was a very fun and uplifting night, plus I saw an old friend in the audience and enjoyed catching up. Great way to spend an evening!

On the way home I snapped pictures of the lights in downtown St. Paul.. still up since pre-Christmas. They're so pretty!

Sunday: had fun at church. J&J did a great panel discussion on grief. They are remarkable people. Missed B today, and I sat on the "wrong" side, so it felt funny. A good "new" experience for me. After church I had fun making red/white blocks for Sunshine. They are prettier in person than in this picture. I also worked on a wall hanging that had been in limbo. I didn't like the way it had turned out and needed to alter it. Not my favorite task, but I had fun working on it today. You'll see it eventually... it's not one of my speed projects! (Are any of them?)


Donna said...

great colletion of red and white blocks :-)

Unknown said...

Missed you too today! Lydia and I were both whining about missing church...for different reasons... but oh well...back to normal this week! Normal is my thing! No more sitting over there! lol