Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Snazzy Ladies Came!

Tonight was Opening Night at our quilt show. We had our first peek at the complete show, and then a guest quilter who spoke and showed us a zillion more quilts. The best part was that my Snazzy Ladies (aka Book Group) came to see the show, and it was such fun to have them there. Thank you for coming, dear Snazzy Ladies!! Wish I could have gone with you to B.S.

Here are the Snazzy Ladies in front of one of my quilts -- the Methodists in front of "My Methodist Quilt." I'll explain another day why it's called that. (I'm the one with a name tag.)

Here's BJ looking at 3 quilts -- the Love quilt is one of mine.

The J-Girls

M & B

I can't show you too many pictures because my battery died shortly after I got there. Phooey. I'll be back there many times to get lots more pictures, so never fear.. the quilt photos will be here.


hetty said...

Great photos so far. Can't wait to see more! I love your heart wall hanging!

Unknown said...

Snazzy Ladies...I like that! Great show... I am in awe! Fun!

Andrea, the little collector said...

Looks like your show is a big success! hooray! Glad your book club could support you too. They sound like a good bunch. Hope you are finding the space to resolve your feelings of hypocrisy. I love the little heart quilt with that post too.

Have a great week!

BrendaLou said...

Carol, I remember with joy seeing the quilt show with you, Sally & Janet. What a difference a year makes...you with your book group, me at Disneyland with the kids.