Monday, February 09, 2009

Peek #2

A couple of days ago I showed you some little hints of how great our quilt show will be this year. Doc Leslie could hardly contain her excitement about one of the quilts, so I thought I'd show you that one and the cow quilt... both of these are by our featured quilter, Janet. In the next few days you'll get a look at some exquisite quilts! (And some normal ones - but all are beautiful.) Here's your peek for today. If you want to examine the details, click on the picture to make it larger. It'll get MUCH larger. Have fun!

This year's theme is Color Our World

another close-up of one of Janet's cows, showing the cute beads-as-udder

Here's the quilt Leslie loved. At first I thought that was all very intricate applique, but it is made from a piece of French provencal fabric that is meant for or could be a table cloth. Janet expanded on it with several borders, and it was beautifully quilted by another member of our guild.

This plate (painted metal) is one that Janet used as a child. She was born in c.1930. She had a twin sister whose plate was blue, and Janet's was pink.

What the heck, I'll show you another quilt. Previously I had shown a close-up of some of the embellishments. I recommend clicking on this photo to get a better appreciation of the applique and hand quilting. It is shown with two spittoons from the 19th century.

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Kim said...

This is going to be a wonderful show! Love the flower quilt, and the others, too. I just love quilts of all kinds!