Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday Five

1) Once in a while (OK, frequently) I like posting photos of stuff other than quilts. This one is called "Stoplights."

2) Today at work I felt so discouraged. I love my students, but sometimes they don't love themselves enough... TGIF. I can clear my mind (and my hubby cheers me up, too).

3) We had a frozen casserole which I just popped into the oven and heated. Instant dinner! I love easy meal prep.

4) Emmy is home from the hospital! Hooray! She is weak and recovering and needs to have some mom and dad TLC, but all signs are good. Thanks for your prayers for her!

5) My kids turned into such nice adults! My mommy heart is happy.


Twisted Quilts said...

I remember those days at school. You try everything in your bag of tricks and nothing seems to work. You care so much and want so much for them to succeed. But in the end you never know the impact you have on those kids. Hang in there.

Unknown said...

I felt the same way today...I was beating my head against a brick wall! Oh well!

My blog is still a mess and I am SAD... I am going to keep saying it until YOU fix it for me! ;)

hetty said...

Fridays are like that sometimes. Glad that Emmy is home and recuperating! Have a nice weekend!

Melissa Kaye said...

Thanks for all the nice comments about Emmy on your blog. We are VERY happy to be home and appreciate all the thoughts and prayers you have sent us!