Friday, February 27, 2009

My Friday Five

a rose for my co-worker after her surgery

It's Friday. Hooray!! Today really dragged at work. I'm so happy to finally be home. After work I stopped at a fabric store which was having a huge sale on quilting fabric. Wheeee!! I did a little damage to my bank balance, but it sure was fun.

Not sure what I'm going to say in my Friday Five; it'll surprise us all, I guess. Here goes:

1) I love eating salads when someone else makes them! Tonight we had pizza and salad, both made by Papa Murphys. Yum! The fact that we had a delicious salad made by someone else caused me to eat salad and less pizza than usual. I feel so virtuous.

2) Last Tuesday night my book group discussed Chapter 3 of our book. Today I picked up the book to start reading Chapter 4, and I discovered that I had gotten "lost" last week and read some of Chapter 3 and some of Chapter 4. I didn't even know I was off! It's a confusing book. Can you tell?? Even I, the reader, didn't know I had picked up at the wrong place. Uffda. (Eagerly looking forward to the next book... or any other book, for that matter.)

3) Today I found out about a fun group I wanted to join. Bummer! It meets on Tuesday evenings. I already have my book club and my quilt guild meetings on Tuesdays, which causes enough agony when I have to choose between them... adding a third event on Tuesday nights would be insanity. (I did consider it, briefly.)

4) I enjoy a good laugh. And a good laugh in the company of like-minded women is such a joy! We have that at my book club AND my quilt guild. Fun.

5) Today I had a nice telephone chat with my daughter. That warms my heart.

Time to make a quilt!


Melissa Kaye said...

Your Friday Five made me smile. I love our laughs and book club. We do have a ton of fun. What was the other group you were wanting to join?

I'm looking forward to another book too. This one is too much like a text book for my liking.

Unknown said...

your 5 made me smile... thank you! Oh and I have a Papa Murphy's in the oven right salad...cuz no DC ! I am stubborn. But I do like salad! I don't think I am going to finish SOF