Sunday, June 08, 2008

Waiting for my Cousins

In a minute it will be clear why I entitled this post "Waiting for my Cousins." First, I'll tell you that I had a busy weekend out of town. I stopped at 3 quilt shops and one bookstore, and those are the places where my money tends to just fly out of my pocket. It was definitely true on this trip! These are some of the fabrics I bought, all for no particular reason other than I liked them:

At the bookstore I attended a talk by this author, Kao Kalia Yang. She wrote "Latehomecomer" which has just been published. It's an excellent book, and she is an amazing young woman - bright, poetic, thoughtful, caring, and accomplished. She was born in a refugee camp in Thailand and moved to St. Paul where she grew up. I highly recommend her wonderful book!

There was a parade, which I mostly ignored, but I like bagpipes, so I made sure to grab a photo of this group.... Minnesota Police Bagpipers. It was a parade of fire fighters, equipment, related services and friends. The state firefighters conference was in town. I sat in the bookstore and occasionally went out to see the parts I found interesting. (Mostly parades bore me, unless someone I know is in them.)

My official work for the school district came to an end last week, so I have a summer in which to relax and sew, read, visit friends, and do whatever I want! I probably will work part-time at another job, but it won't be very taxing. So I am eagerly looking forward to my free time and all that I can enjoy during my off hours.

One main reason I went out of town was to help my sister look at possible reunion sites. Next summer we will get together with 30-40 cousins! This will be our 2nd reunion as adults. We loved this particular place and are hoping we can get a reservation here and host all the cousins at this beautiful site. Wouldn't you love to vacation here, too?? Now that we found a site, I am beginning to get excited about the onslaught of a zillion cousins. (Our first reunion, in 2006, took place in Washington state and was FABULOUS.) So now you know why I am waiting for my cousins!

P.S. Check out Brenda Lou's blog, if you dare - she's asking for UFO counts!

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Unknown said...

Wow what a great place for a reunion! I want to be one of your cousins!