Thursday, June 26, 2008

Laid Back and Lovin' It!

My family and I are on vacation. It is glorious! We are staying in a log cabin that looks like this. Today we went sea kayaking on Lake Superior! At other times we read, take naps, go for hikes, sit on our deck and enjoy the gorgeous view, and other similarly difficult chores. I even went to a quilt show and bought 3 FQs. I could stay here forever! Too bad the week will soon come to an end. When I'm back home I will share some of my photos from this most wonderful vacation.

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Unknown said...

The biggest talker wasn't there..but an ex music director was... Anyway... I just feel some are just going thru the motions of the book...not really getting into it...not sure what I was looking for...and then poor Pat... she is trying so hard.... I think most of it is just my issue! I am glad you are having a nice vacation. We are leaving on July 2nd and will be gone til the 5th... I think it will be good!