Monday, June 23, 2008

This is Why

Someone recently asked me why I named this blog Giraffe Dreams. I apologize to whoever asked me. I forgot to answer and have also forgotten who asked me. To see why, read my previous blog entry, here.

Went to a super fun reunion this weekend: students and staff from a Deaf/Hard of Hearing program I used to work in. It was GREAT to see the students after so many years (about 20, more or less). They are all grown up and doing some impressive jobs: teacher, banking inspector, business owner/real estate broker, medical lab "tissue person", store department supervisor, etc. etc. It's so nice to see them now as adults and friends. Hey, want to see a great knitting blog? Check it out... a former student's blog:

I played a little with funky heart blocks for the Red/White challenge. I think I'll go make some more.....

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Diannia said...

Carol-I just found you from someone else's blog. Love your reds! I work in a DE program as Fresno State!