Thursday, June 12, 2008

Are You Giraffe Dreams?

Last weekend while on a road trip I stopped into a quilt shop (Aunt Annie's, one of the best shops in Minnesota) in the tiny town of Avon. Another woman came in and said, "are you Carol? Giraffe Dreams?" I looked blank for a while, trying to figure out who she was. It was Caron from And Still Counting! I never expected someone to recognize me out in public just from reading my blog! A new experience!

Some time this summer I am hoping to get an in-person look at Caron's quilt project. (I hope you vist her blog and read about it.)

I've been doing some fun sewing. First, I decided to make a few more blocks for Clare at Quilts 4 Leukemia. I hadn't mailed my first five, so I decided I could add a few more before I mail them off. (Read about my challenge in my June 10 post, and join in the fun if you can.)

Then I made a couple of tops for Wrap a Smile. These will be quilted by a volunteer other than me. You can see that I have been enjoying my free time this summer! (It rained and it poured on Wednesday - a good day to stay inside and sew.)

Sorry for the blurry quality on this photo. I'm having some camera issues!


Caron said...

It was fun running into you! You've been really productive. I like the spinning string blocks.

Count me in for some red and white blocks, too.

Darcie said... you'll be wearing big Jackie O sunglasses and hat the next time we *see* you?! ;-) How fun to be recognized...and Caron is just the funnest, isn't she!

Love the spinning blocks set against that green. Very fun!

Keep enjoying!

Unknown said...

hey hey Quilting Star! I love the green and goldish quilt... I wish this is something I could do...

Joyce said...

We are going to Minneapolis next week and will be going right by Avon. If the time is right and the store is open, and if the others in the car are agreeable, I hope to stop and visit that quilt shop. It's always nice to get a heads up about a good one.