Sunday, June 01, 2008


This weekend saw a little bit of quilting coming from my household, but not as much as I had hoped. I finally felt inspired and out of my slump, but didn't have much time to sew. In addition to the UFO I posted yesterday, I also completed this donated-UFO. BrendaLou gave it to me in pieces, partially assembled. I added some squares of my own and got it all together for someone else to quilt. That's all I did!

Today I spent beaucoup hours working on this board thing for church. It took way more time than I had anticipated. I'm glad I got it done, though. It'll be on display at a community event next week.

Recently I was tagged by Walk-a-Mile. Check her out here:

I am supposed to list 7 random thoughts about me.
Whoa! Hang on! This should be fascinating!
1. My favorite snack is potato chips.
2. I love being a mom of adult children.
3. I have three pen pals.
4. My favorite time of year is fall.
5. I wear size 9 shoe.
6. My grandfather, father, two cousins, and a cousin's husband are all Methodist ministers.
7. I have pencil lead in my arm; it was jabbed there 45 years ago by a kid at church. It's still there.

And to add to the randomness, here is a picture of me at 15 months of age:

I am going to break the Tag, You're It rules a little bit. I'm supposed to tag 7 people, but I'm only going to tag one:

Here is what to do when you are tagged...
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Mnmom said...

I used to quilt, before I had kids. Now I'm a never-creative blah Mom.