Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fresh and New

My ironing board cover had gotten badly stained and even had some sticky spots from when I ironed some fusible the wrong way. It was past time to replace it. This fabric isn't pretty or cute, but it was a leftover piece, just about the right size. It doesn't need to be pretty for this application. I love having a new ironing board cover! It makes me feel so clean and fresh!

Then in today's mail I got my little table for my FW! I ordered from the guy that Bonnie recommended... he was super quick, and I love the table. I don't use my FW very often, but now when I do, I'll have this wonderful extension.

Finally, I found an old UFO that was further along than I had remembered. This was a mystery class I took at my guild two or three years ago. I didn't like how busy mine was turning out, and I had set it aside. In the meantime, I had forgotten that I had several blocks already made. All I had to do was add the blocks and borders, and another top is done. It'll probably go to Wrap Them in Love.


Nancy said...

It must be a spring thing...I covered my ironing board last weekend.

Darcie said...

The finished project looks terrific! It's lively...and some young soul is just going to love it to pieces!

Elaine Adair said...

Yep - it's a spring thing, and always encourages MORE creativity! I did mine last week also.

The little table encourages even MORE creativity!

Dontja jes' lus those perks that lift our spirits? I LIKE that little quilt! Good use of scraps.

Mnmom said...

Life's simple pleasures are the best!