Monday, March 16, 2009

Watching TV

another picture from the Old Days... we were newlyweds - 1976

Since yesterday I have been working on organizing my sewing room. I think this is going to be a very long-term project. First, it's a mess. Second, when I re-discover fabrics and projects I had forgotten about, I can barely keep from sitting right down and sewing on them! In fact, I have not been so successful at resisting that temptation. It is so inspiring to find projects I had forgotten about!

Tonight, though, I'm having a lazy evening. There are a couple of reality TV shows I like. One is Amazing Race on Sunday nights (I'm rooting for Luke, the Deaf guy!), and another is Dancing With the Stars which I'm watching tonight. My younger, skinny self would like to prance around in some of those outfits they dance in. I can almost remember what it would feel like to be that moveable, and those swishy skirts - fun! (I'd have to put a sweatshirt on top, though, to hide my modest self.)


Carol said...

I too am working on sewing room organization. So far, I am afraid to look at all the forgotten projects. I did hang 7 antique quilt tops on a portable quilting rack to remind me that they need quilting - as I work on 2 new quilts. This week I hope to turn the wall behind my machine into a bulletin board to hold pieced squares as I work. Much to do.

Darcie said...

We love Amazing Race too! Fun show.

My goodness, what a darling picture!!! I would nearly swear that that is a pic of your daughter. ;-)

Carol E. said...

Darcie, DD looks like me and DS looks like his daddy. We once were told, when all 4 of us were together, that there was no problem wondering if our kids were ever "switched at birth!"