Saturday, December 13, 2014

Attention Scrap Lovers!

Recently I received a whole bunch of fabrics and scraps that were donated to our guild. I'm now in charge of figuring out what to do with it all. I have been sorting through tons of scraps!

If you're a scrap lover, wouldn't you love to have a few more? I know you're needing some new scraps so you don't have duplicates in your postage stamp quilt, or you're making a big Legos (skinny strips) quilt, or you want more scraps for some "made fabric?!"

The big pieces will be put into our store which we run every year during our show. Therefore I am offering the scraps for sale as well. If you want any of my scraps, please let me know. For a mere $5 you can have a nice pile like this:

Scraps vary from about 3.5-inch wide to 1.5-inch wide. Some are pieces, some are strips. Some are probably vintage, most are cotton, but there are some cotton-poly blends here and there.

$5 will cover the purchase of the scraps (to benefit my local guild) and postage. Just let me know. You could pay me through Pay Pal, or write a check. If you're interested, I can tell you how to proceed.

By purchasing these scraps you'll be helping my guild AND helping clear out my living room!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday Books: Christmas Blizzard

This week's book is A Christmas Blizzard by Garrison Keillor. This is a short novel, somewhat on the Christmas Carol theme. A guy who hates Christmas ends up being stuck in a blizzard. Various things happen, and he has a change of heart.

Reading this book was like listening to Keillor do his Lake Wobegon monologues. He wanders off the topic into surprising and varied territory, but always comes back and ties it up nicely. I love how his mind wanders and creates. Very imaginative.

I enjoyed this book a lot. If you're a total realist you might not; then again.. why not open your mind and let creativity in for a nice day's read.

This picture reminds me of the saying, "there is no bad weather, just bad clothes." What was she thinking??

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Pictures of This and That

I found the pieces I needed to upload photos, so here you go: a good mish-mash of this and that.

Look at this.. playing Words With Friends. I had a great word, but no place on the board to make it. None that I could figure out, anyway. There are places for some good scoring words, but no place to use all seven letters. I just had to take a picture of it to remember the great word.

The next photo is J, from church, modeling the beautiful prayer shawl she made. The yarn is beautiful; the picture doesn't do it justice. The shawl is in a triangle shape and drapes so nicely. It's really a pretty one. She has been perfecting her crocheting skills over time.

This is my daughter in her bedroom. They just moved, and I was getting a tour. I was happy to see the quilt I made for them on their bed. (I had been told it was too small.)

a pretty quilt being shown at my guild meeting
I had fun driving around and trying to get decent pictures of Christmas lights.

I was given a big pile of fabric; lots of it was scraps, so I filled five more pet beds. After I made these I was given one more garbage bag full of scraps. There are going to be some happy animals around here.

Monday, December 08, 2014


I'm trying to organize my house, my life, and my own self. Haha! I have not been super successful so far.

I have some photos in my camera, but I can't find the thingamajig I need for uploading them. Well, to be honest, I also am having a hard time keeping track of my little SD card on which I can take pictures. I often forget to remove it from the computer, so it doesn't get put back into my camera. Then I have to do the more complicated version of uploading from the camera itself. And in the meantime I manage to lose the SD card. And, to be even more brutally honest, I once again can't find my newer, smaller camera (it's in my house, somewhere). The older camera only can use a 2GB SD card, and those are hard to find these days. I can't just take a bigger GB card from my newer camera and use it in my older camera.

Are you dizzy yet? I am.

I guess I missed the finale of "Dancing With the Stars." I keep expecting to watch it on a Monday night, and there's nothing there. I don't care to see "Rudolph" for the umpteenth time in my long life. Most Christmas TV shows suck really bad. (IMHO)

So I've been listening to public radio a lot lately, and even reading! But not much sewing. Boo hoo.

Maybe I'll find my camera soon... or those old 2GB cards.

Friday, December 05, 2014

Friday Books: Poems

I don't often read poems, especially a whole book of them. I never had good experiences studying poetry in high school and college, so I usually avoid them.

This week I have been on a hunt for books by local authors. I found a nice selection of several books, and was pleased to find a poetry book written by someone I used to work with! I bought it and read the whole book. (Luckily, poetry books are usually not very long.)

The book is Between by Morgan Grayce Willow. I really enjoyed this book. Willow is pondering how our bodies work, how our thoughts form, she highlights people in her life, nature, life and death, Lake Superior, and even American Sign Language. (She is a former sign language interpreter which is how I happened to work with her once, long ago.)

This was a good reminder to me that poetry isn't always some old, cumbersome piece of drudgery that I can't understand. I guess when I was made to study poetry, I didn't have the fun of reading poems which spoke to me. (Or, more likely, I was too young and naïve to have experienced life enough to appreciate the poems.)

If you're not a reader of poetry, pick some up and read it this week. See what you think! Maybe it'll bring some magic into your life.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Weekend Projects

I did a lot of sewing this weekend. Fun!

I put together another quilt top made from my guild's community service blocks. Then I cut a backing fabric for it, feeling enthused to quilt it immediately. Well, I kept adding fabric strips to the wrong end. The backing kept getting longer, but not wider, as I needed it. So I gave up on quilting. That long, narrow back will probably fit some other top, so at least it wasn't a waste of time.

I made some blocks for the block Lotto game at Sunshine. Actually I never play the Lotto, but I make blocks for the Lotto Lady to keep and make Sunshine quilts. I didn't make any November blocks, so I guess these will be for December - theme is "pot luck."

I made a few more community service blocks.

I did some quilting on a wall hanging, but didn't finish it (no picture), and I worked on some home-made Christmas gifts but also didn't finish (no picture).

Throughout the weekend I had been tossing scraps into a big pile, and today I used about 2/3 of them to make this doll blankie. It measures 23" x 28". It's not curved on the right side like it shows; that's just a function of the camera angle. My tiny scraps filled up another doggie bed.

A productive weekend, I'd say! Plus, while I sewed, the Minnesota Vikings managed to win their game today. Hooray!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday Books: Hannah

Yes, I have a book review for you this week! I read Hannah, Delivered by Elizabeth Jarrett Andrew. This is the story of birth, and specifically of a young woman who realizes she wants and needs to make a career change and to become a midwife. This book was obviously well researched. There is a lot of information on the training, the work itself, and laws and regulations that govern this field. Lest you think that sounds boring, it is not! The story is engaging, and the characters are varied and likeable. The writing is beautiful!

I felt a kinship with the main character, Hannah, in some ways. I won't go into why, but it's not because of career choice. (I'm not a midwife.)

Birth is celebrated in this book; I was brought back to my own experiences giving birth and the profound, miraculous thing it is. Having read this book gave me a feeling of having experienced something profound.

P.S. I know this author personally and think it is very cool that she wrote such a good novel. Her previous writings were in the spiritual memoir genre. She is talented!