Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Rosalie Dace!

We were lucky to get Rosalie Dace to come to our guild and do two classes and two lectures. I am not taking her classes, but I attended one lecture last night and will do another one later this week. Rosalie Dace is from South Africa, so getting her to Minneapolis was quite a coup. She stopped here on her way from Point A to Point C; we became Point B. Lucky us!

Some of her works are on display at the Textile Center in Minneapolis.

I took the first couple photos before I decided I should also photograph her description of the work.

This one, below, is my favorite. I believe the inspiration is relating to voting. In many countries they vote by writing an X on a piece of paper. I believe that's what this represents.

This one is in the classroom and didn't have a statement with it. I think it's a sample for teaching purposes. After this follows a group of photos of students' work after one day of a two-day class. So interesting! I wish I had taken this class. (I guess I only photographed two student works; I thought I'd captured more than that.)

Next I show you some pictures I took of her slides. The first is the oldest known surviving pair of pants on earth. These were made in China about 3,000 years ago.
This is an example of the Tent Makers of Egypt's work. They do all this by hand! It's hand applique, and it's all made by men. She says they are coming to the USA this year (or next year)? I shall have to do a search and see if I can see their work in person!
The next one is a student's quilt; the student died shortly after taking Dace's class; she shows it to honor her student. And, of course, because it's lovely.
Then there are examples of work done by various groups. I can't remember who they all are/were. The third one down is made of.... can you guess? Not fabric. It's made from beer bottle caps (or some part of a beer container that the maker collects and has kids gather for her.. they're pieces of metal).

Can you guess what this one is made from? Rosalie just loves this one. She is in awe of it. The maker is unknown! She attributes it to a woman, but who knows? It probably was; it currently hangs in someone's office in a ... museum or something? I can't recall, but the piece is well loved and well regarded by them. Look below the picture where I tell you what it's made of.
It is made of safety pins! Thousands of them!

This one recently won "Best of Show" at a quilt show in New Zealand. Rosalie was one of the judges. She said some people were shocked that a piece based on graffiti would win. But.. it's based on a cultural phenomenon that is becoming not just graffiti but art, and the piece is technically superior, she said. And anyway, why not??

These slides are of Rosalie's own work. Most of them are the piece and then a detail, either beside the piece or in the next photo.

This is Rosalie Dace herself. She is interesting and entertaining, though she kept hoping we weren't falling asleep - heavens! We were enthralled! If nothing else, her accent is so cute. I look forward to attending her next lecture in a couple days.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

I Miss my Sewing Machine!

My preferred sewing machine, Juki, is in being serviced. It takes two weeks. It's the longest two weeks of my life. I have been using my Featherweight, which I love, but it is limited. I made this bag today. There are some finishing touches that I can't do until I get my Juki back.

I have a couple of quilts that need bindings, but I'll wait for my Juki for that.

My small group met and had a fun Show and Tell -- dyed wool, a beautiful series, and a quilt made out of ties:

I learned about these little Crinkle toys for babies. They are super easy to make, and I can see why babies love them. I love them! A couple friends and I are going to order the crinkle papers for these and share the cost. These were made by my friend, K:
Are you familiar with Crinkle toys?

I made one so far. For the crinkly innard I used the bag from a box of cereal. It's OK, but I like the "real" crinkle paper better. Here is the front and back. I will do decorative stitches like K. did when I am reunited with Juki. I quilted those little squares in the middle, but those are not necessary.

Can't wait to get Juki back home. One more week... Meanwhile, I am headed to a class on Maintaining Your Featherweight.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Book Review: The Tea Girl

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane by Lisa See.. This was an audio book, and I have not yet decided if my reviews of audio books are the same as they would be if I had read the hard-copy book myself. The experiences of listening and of reading are definitely different. I did enjoy this book; it is a nice mix of good story line, history, culture, and fine characterization. It is mostly the story of a family in a very remote Chinese village, cultural changes over time that affect the family and each individual in a variety of ways. Some of the story moves to California, USA, but most of the action is in China.

I enjoyed the inside look at a family, the traditions within a cultural minority, rules about marriage, childbirth, etc. that were very different from my own but also different from the mainstream Chinese culture. As the world opens up with technology, changes occur. I enjoy this type of anthropological look at families and groups.

son of a friend, he loves to read and will read anywhere

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Two Quilts for Hands2Help

This year I sent two quilts to Hands2Help charities. The first one, green, went to Happy Chemo. I made and quilted this myself, except for two of the bird blocks which were made by friends, B and K. We did a bird block exchange, which was quite fun. I quilted this one in sections, using a Quilt As You Go method, and I rather liked it and plan to do it again.

The yellow quilt went to the Stash Builder Box project, to Camp Hobe or whichever initiative is current when my quilt arrived. This was made by me and quilted by Nanette S.

I wish I could have sent more. Unfortunately, sewing and quilting are not 24-hour/day activities. (Actually, I guess that is fortunate.)

Looking forward to seeing all the quilts on the Linky page! See them here.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Oh, My Word!

Remember this word quilt? Several very kind souls sent me verbs to use in my 60th birthday quilt. Well... my next birthday is my 65th, so I decided I had to get going and finish this top. I did it!! And I really love it! Big THANK YOU to all who sent me words. I couldn't use all my words. This quilt is nearly ten feet long as it is. So I apologize to those whose words don't show up. Hopefully I'll get some of the leftover words on the back.

What do you think? Isn't it fun?!

Monday, May 01, 2017

Making Quilts

I guess I will never run out of quilt ideas and quilt inspiration. I used to think that some day I would feel that I'd done it all and that I could stop. Nope, I don't think that will happen. Even simple squares are so pleasing, I like to make simple quilts to give away, as well as complicated (to a point, of course) to keep or to give away. I'm so glad I found this fun hobby to fill up my life!

Here's a simple one. I did not make this quilt. It was in a pile at the church where I sometimes join the sewing group. They have some tops that are waiting to be quilted, so I took this small one to finish. Here it is, done and ready to go back to church, eventually to be given to a child who needs comforting. I like how cuddly and cute this one turned out as a finished quilt. (Better than I expected, to be honest.) My cousin is the pastor and will be handing it out. I like that.

Another way I like to contribute to quilts is to make blocks. I send them to Sunshine once a month, and they are used in quilts for kids. It feels good to have a part in making a quilt, without taking the time to do the entire process.

Tomorrow I am hoping to find time to do more quilting work. Doesn't that sound like fun??