Sunday, March 01, 2009

Random Thoughts

1) I love this picture, taken this morning in church. Well-loved children are a gift to the world.

2) I am fat, but I don't care.

3) My husband is better looking than Tom Selleck.

4) I was in a grumpy mood, but reading other blogs has cheered me up. I love Blogland!

5) This week my mom will turn 88 years old!

6) I'm pretty sure I have ADD, and I'm sure glad I do.

7) People from all over the world come here and read my blog!! That blows my mind. Hello, world citizens! Who are you? Do you like my blog, or do you come here out of morbid curiosity? (Kind of like watching a bad car accident?)

8) We had six new members join our church this morning. One is a woman to whom I used to deliver books when I did volunteer work at the library. She used to give me cookies! Can I blame her for making me fat?
Added on Monday, 3/2/09:
Dear Readers, please excuse yourself for eating a whole box of Thin Mints. Did you notice how dang SMALL they make those boxes these days? It's nothing like it used to mean to eat a whole box of Thin Mints! These days it's showing restraint when you eat just one whole box.


Beth said...

and how many Thin Mints did you eat today...the tears are streaming down my face! See ya tomorrow!

Melissa said...

Carol, I LOVE YOU! You always make me smile!

Lindah said...

You are on my blogline so I won't miss your posts. I enjoy hearing about your adventures, your thoughts, what's important -and not- to you. In short, getting to know you. And yeah, February is Fat Month. blech!

Clare said...

February is definitely Fat Month! Now that March has arrived, that means walking and gardening and "trying" to get rid of those winter pounds.

You're on my Google Reader so I never miss your posts, even if I don't comment often.

Bebesboutique said...

I just started following your blog! Hello from Idaho!

Megs said...

HA HA HA! Does that mean I can blame Beth for me cheating on my diet? She did tempt me with Girl Scout cookies... :)

I LOVE the picture from church! Beautiful!

Fabric Fanatic said...

Hahahahha, number 8 cracked me up! I would rather have a cookie than Tiramisu, Creme Brulee, or even cheesecake. Those girl scouts caught me on my way in the grocery store Saturday and there is no evidence left in the house today. Could I have eaten a whole box of Thin Mints alone? Better go check the dog for telltale minty breath.

Beth said... was so nice getting to know Ellen...did I hear you call her Ellie? She is delightful and witty like you! Two peas in a pod...and she better not elope without you! I hear your pain!

Beth said...

Oh and from the Girl Scout Leader..don't let the smaller box fool is only minus 4 cookies!

Cher said...

no problem here eating a whole box-that's why I only bought one!

Helen said...

Hi Carole

I haven't visited in a while, sorry. I agree with you about blog reading. I enjoy seeing what everyone is up to.

And yes, well-loved children are indeed a gift. Imagine a world where every child is well-loved. That would be a glimpse of heaven would it not?