Friday, March 27, 2009

My Super Giddy Friday Fives

1. It's Friday! Charles has a friend who calls all Fridays "giddy." Then, if it is a pay day and Friday, it's "double giddy." If it is Friday, pay day, and the beginning of a long weekend, it's "triple giddy." So this is my day: Friday, pay day, beginning of a week off (spring break)!! and I get to visit my sister in NY.

2. Sister-in-law, "Anita," is not healthy. She is in the hospital and needs 24-hour attention. I am praying for Anita and for my brother, "James."

3. It's fun making up fictitious names for my family members. hahaha!

4. Today at work, when it was almost time to go home, co-worker brought in her cutie pie little son. He wears a helmet to help his flat head get re-shaped. It's working very well. The picture above is so cute! He was trying to grab at my camera. Below I am posting a short movie of him. He loves to kick and flap and screech!

5. I am just so happy that we have a fabulous president, Mr. Obama. I love how smart he is, and responsive to problems, and totally unflappable. He's just who we need in the White House these days. I am going to send him a fan letter. I used to send angry letters to Mr. Bush. It feels so much better to be happy than to be angry!


Beth said...

I hope you have a super wonderful giddy and whatever else Spring Break and trip! Saying prayers for your brother and his wife...I can't wait for Monday...

Torina said...

Woo hoo! Trip to NY! That sounds excellent. I hope you have a fabulous time. I also hope that your sister-in-law recovers quickly from whatever ails her.

Craftygirl said...

#5. Me too. Me TOO. ME TOO.

PS: Hope SIL gets all better soon.


Living on the Spit said...

Praying for your sister in law and I hope you have a wonderful/safe trip.