Thursday, April 04, 2019

Still Cleaning with Bouts of Sewing

I'm still working on cleaning my sewing room, but with lots less enthusiasm. Once I got it back to semi-useable, and I had found previous unfinished projects, I got enthused to work on them and started sewing again. I finished these two quilt tops.

This one I purchased. Someone made it and then didn't want it. Isn't it cute? All I had to do was finish it. I donated it to my church for the baptism blankets they offer to parents.

This little one was so easy to finish. It is going to Jack's Basket which is for babies who have Down's Syndrome (giving through the Hands 2 Help Challenge). This one went so quickly that I am going to make a second little one and send two to Jack's Basket.

Meanwhile I continue plugging away at cleaning up my sewing room. There is still more "stuff" to sort through. Maybe I'll find more treasures to inspire me to sew. (When it rains it pours. Either I'm in a sewing slump and can't do a thing, or I'm so eager to sew and there are SO many possibilities that I have to give it all my waking hours. Anyone else have this problem?)


Louise said...

Oh, yeah. It totally various by day for me, sometimes by the hour! Today was a completely lazy, unmotivated day. I ironed some FQs, changed my mind about what pattern I wanted to use with them, and everything ground to a halt. Oh well!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Oh, yes - I have that "problem" too -- combined with life demanding that those motivated hours be spent on non-quilting activities (sigh).

rondiquilts said...

Waving my hand! I can so relate. We are moving within the next 2-3 months, fingers crossed. Yesterday I started going through my side of the basement. So many projects I've started, so many I want to start, so many I had forgotten. I wanted to stop and sit at my machine several times. But like you I powered through. Keep us posted on your progress and I'll keep checking back and it will encourage me to be prepared by the time moving day rolls around.