Sunday, April 28, 2019


Four friends at a cabin in Wisconsin. Weather was beautiful. Lake was beautiful. Days were fun and productive. Most days we sewed. Some days we also went into town and hit a couple of quilt shops. This is what I completed:

That's a lot of tops, but most of them were already started. Only one was made totally from scratch.

See the purple and aqua quilt top above? Those blocks were made by someone else. I just had to trim and assemble and add the sashing and borders. I was curious about the block itself, so I tried one of my own in a 12.5-inch size. This is what I created (the green/red one). It was fun to experiment. I like the block.


joe tulips said...

Your tops are wonderful. The block you made reminds me of square dancing for some reason. A do-si-do kinda thing going on there.

Carol E. said...

I like the do-si-do comparison. :-)